Gro-Caps Plant Covers

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Gro-Caps Plant Covers

Product Description

Gro-Caps are reusable plastic plant covers that will help protect and grow your plants from the seedling stage right through to harvest. The Gro-Caps clear cover provides a mini greenhouse for your plant that allows sunlight to pass and helps to keep the soil warm and moist for an optimal growing environment. The clear protective shield helps shelter the plant from harsh weather such as an early or late frost, wind or hail and also provides a barrier to chemical spray.

The Gro-Cap also provides a barrier of protection for vegetable or fruit plants against animals such as birds or rabbits. In addition, Gro-Caps help to grow your garden organically by helping to protect against garden insects which can seriously harm plant growth at a young and delicate stage. Gro-Caps provides plenty of room to grow as the plant matures.

A lip around the outside base the Gro-Cap provides a sturdy anchor to the soil that is pushed up against it. A vent hole at the top of the Gro-Cap also allows for watering.

With proper care Gro-Caps can be reused season after season to provide effective plant protection. Gro-Caps are made entirely from recycled plastic material such as plastic soda bottles.

Product Dimensions

Height: 9 inches
Base: 10 inches x 10 inches

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Gro-Caps Plant Covers
Gro-Caps Plant Cover Harvest Ready